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Alright....technically a paragraph is 5 sentences, but I shall elaborate a bit more than that for you lovely people. My name is Robekkah, and I live in the beautiful British Columbia Canada. I’m very artsy and consider myself a well read and intelligent human, so I’m usually painting, drawing, making wearable art, playing the harp or reading Lovecraft, Wilde, Poe, Shelly etc etc…I live in a relatively small city so there’s not a whole lot to entertain yourself with, but I have a few friends that I enjoy spending time with, but for the most part I’m somewhat antisocial. I plan to go to Unicersity of British Columbia next September and start my double major in Arts and Fine Arts, and then work my way up to my doctorate in Fine Arts, and teach it at Universities, or go into the field of Art therapy. Well, I think I’ve ranted about myself enough, lets get to some visuals shall we?






Thats all for now, take care

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